If you shoot like Ray Allen, you are a Catapult Shooter!

For those that don’t know, Ray played 18 yrs. in the NBA for Milwaukee, Seattle, Boston, and Miami leaving his mark as one of the greatest shooters of all-time before retiring in 2014.

“No way Ray is a Catapult Shooter” … admit it, that thought entered your mind.


Seeing Is Believing

Time lapse photography allows us to see exactly what happens during high-speed action.

Image result for ray allen shooting

Ray Allen

  • Frames 1, 2, and 3 show Ray in the process of taking the ball above his head where it momentarily stops before changing direction towards the basket
  • Frames 4, 5, and 6 show Ray’s upper arm REMAINING STILL as his forearm moves toward the basket resulting in full extension at the wrist snap … A True Catapult Action!


Comparing Techniques

This picture contrasts Steph Curry’s jump shot progression to Ray Allen’s above.

Image result for Steph Curry Shooting

Steph Curry

  • Frames 1 and 2 show Steph taking the ball up to his forehead area where it then starts on a path toward the basket without pausing or stopping
  • Frames 3, 4, 5, and 6 show Steph’s upper arm RISING as his forearm moves toward basket resulting in full extension at the wrist snap … A Pushing Action!


Both Work

Ray Allen and Steph Curry are fantastic shooters!  They get results using different methods:

  • Ray Allen stops the ball above his head resulting in a Catapult Action.  His forearm acts like a LEVER propelling the ball towards the basket while his upper arm REMAINS STILL.
  • Steph Curry takes the ball to his forehead resulting in a Pushing Action.  His upper arm and forearm WORK AS A UNIT propelling the ball UP and AT the basket.



Now that you know how to identify a Catapult Shooter, the question becomes … ARE YOU ONE?

If your upper arm action is like that of Ray Allen, then you fit into the Catapult category!  Perhaps you’re more like Steph Curry or maybe a hybrid of both?

Some don’t care for labels when it comes to identifying shooting styles, e.g., one-piece shot (Push Action) or two-piece shot (Catapult Action).  Instead, they focus more on general shooting principles as their guide.

No matter which way you lean, it’s important to understand how different techniques work.  With knowledge, you can better decide what fits your shooting philosophy.  That could involve taking principles from several techniques or it could mean shooting exactly like someone else.


With God and a powerful dream, anything is possible!

One Motion is growing!

I’m proud to announce the addition of Matt Garnett as the new Lead Certified Instructor for all upcoming One Motion Shooting Clinics.

He is presently the owner operator of  MG Basketball  which specializes in player development.  In addition to running a Skills Academy and hosting a fundamentals camp for boys & girls at Southwestern University, Matt will be the Associate Head Coach at Texas Wesleyan University (Sooner Athletic Conference) this coming season.

Follow this link to learn more of Matt’s background:  Matt Garnett

The future looks bright as we plan to conduct Shooting Clinics across Texas and beyond plus allow coaches to become Certified One Motion Instructors capable of hosting their own Clinics.

I’m looking forward to working with Matt as he’s an outstanding clinician with a genuine love for teaching!


With God and a powerful dream, anything is possible! 

We All Have One

Competitive passionate individuals have egos!

It doesn’t matter one’s age, occupation, or background … being good at what you do is the driving force towards excellence.

With success comes recognition which in turn feeds the ego.  Next comes the need for validation and self-worth through the prism of “being the best”.  After that, comes the practice of comparing yourself to others in your chosen field.

Can anyone relate?  I certainly can … guilty as charged is my plea!


Back on January 15, 2015 I posted an entry titled, “PART I:  Agree to Disagree” (scroll down to read the entire post in order to fully understand this entry).   

My goal then was to be “recognized” as worthy of a seat at the discussion table with Pro Shot Shooting System.  That desire was ego driven pure and simple!

Pro Shot and One Motion have shooting philosophies that are polar opposites. They see black and I see white when looking at the same thing … just the way it is.

Lesson Learned

In reality, we don’t need a seat at anyone else’s table!

It took far too long to arrive at this conclusion because of my ego and being naturally hard headed, but fortunately I did.

We all have our “own table” meaning God gave us a unique set of skills.  Instead of focusing on the success and talents of others or on the silly notion of who’s right and who’s wrong, let’s focus on maximizing our own God given talents.  That is the best route and it keeps us from falling down the “rabbit hole” described in Alice in Wonderland.

In the end, my goal is to be seated at God’s table.

With that said, the book is closed on comparing One Motion to Pro Shot or any other shooting system.  May they all prosper by helping players become better shooters.

That’s what it’s all about … using your talents to help others!


With God and a powerful dream, anything is possible!



“When it comes to shooting a basketball, arm & wrist angles are more important than you might think!  More than likely you’ve never given this topic much thought.”


Breakthrough Basketball was kind enough to post an article on their website that I recently wrote.

After reading (click the link below), you’ll have a better understanding of the overall Shooting Process that various techniques employ.

Developing a quick/smooth release really does come down to arm & wrist angles!  


The Overlooked Importance Of Arm & Wrist Angles



With God and a powerful dream; anything is possible!

A parent, one that understands how to act in the stands during a game, read the previous post (Coaching From The Stands) and sent the following…it really hits the mark!


A mom is making eggs for her teenage boy for breakfast, as he walks in:

“Mom, don’t burn them!  Careful!  Careful!  Don’t mess up, don’t let them burn.  You are going to mess up.  Be careful!  CAREFUL!”

Finally the mom snaps:

“I know what to do.  I’ve cooked eggs before!”

Boy responds:

“I know mom, I was just trying to show you what it’s like when I’m playing basketball.”


With God and a powerful dream; anything is possible!

Jeff Haefner, co-owner of Breakthrough Basketball,  has a coaching blog and recently he submitted a post titled:

 “Why Coaching From Stands Causes Confusion – And How To Stop Parents From Doing It”.

This is well worth the read as we’ve all seen over zealous parents shouting instructions from the stands.  It’s counter productive to the child and this post along with a video explains how to stop parents from doing it.


With God and a powerful dream; anything is possible!


Chris Herren was the subject of an ESPN 30 for 30 Film a few years back.   He now speaks to kids and parents about his journey from early basketball fame to fourteen years of drug addiction and the toll it took on him and his family.

His story is remarkable and worth the listen.  The link below is to a podcast from The Jim Huber Show sponsored by Breakthrough Basketball:


Chris Herren Interview


With God and a powerful dream, anything is possible!