Joe Haefner, co-founder of Breakthrough Basketball, has written an excellent article that I believe is worth reading (link below).  Hope you enjoy!


The Secret To Great Shooting That Nobody Talks About


With God and a powerful dream, anything is possible!

Recently, Breakthrough Basketball asked me to write an article on Melissa Dixon, a guard for the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Melissa has the quickest release in college basketball and younger players could learn much from watching her shoot.

Here’s the link:

Melissa Dixon Article

With God and a powerful dream, anything is possible!

Challenge Issued

I wrote a blog entry awhile back titled:  “One-Size-Fits-All”

In it, I stated the following:

“My point is this … there are many ways to shoot a basketball and you must decide what works best for you. If you ask me, 100% of the time I will tell you that the One Motion Technique is the way to go.”

“I’m confident enough in One Motion to believe it is the best, but not arrogant enough to think it is the One-Size-Fits-All solution to shooting.”

Why mention this again?

The founder of Pro Shot Shooting System, Paul Hoover, put forth a challenge to any and all shooting coaches urging them to make contact if they felt their method of shooting was better.

I immediately accepted and expressed via email that I’d enjoy the opportunity to compare shooting techniques.

Pro Shot  

The Pro Shot Shooting System is currently the #1 most popular shooting system found on the Internet today. Their website is:   http://www.focusedshooter.com

They are outstanding at promoting their system! I give them enormous credit for educating coaches and players on the importance of shooting … they have earned their #1 ranking.

That’s where it ends for me.

At Pro Shot, they believe boys and girls, of all ages, should shoot exactly like the pros … NBA and WNBA. Their thinking is, if the most talented players on the planet shoot a certain way then everyone should do the same … no exceptions!

I finally came to the conclusion, after long discussions and the release of Pro Shot’s latest video titled “Shooting for 2015: New Direction For Pro Shot System”, that simply comparing concepts or theories wasn’t enough.

It was much more!

Seems Pro Shot only takes a shooting coach seriously when they can point to several professional players using their method … video clips must be readily available as well.

Otherwise, they have no credibility and are denied a seat at the discussion table!

I totally disagree with that mindset. It’s one thing to be confident in what you teach, but to dismiss other methods on the basis of professional usage is wrong and shortsighted.

Early Days

In the early days of basketball, the “Majority” of players used the two-hand set shot. At some point, they advanced to the one-hand set shot and finally to the jump shot.

Now, if Pro Shot existed in the early days of basketball, they would have been a proponent of the two-hand set shot. Why, because the “Majority” shot that way!

And we know the “Majority” is never wrong … right?

Back then, the two-hand set shot was all they knew. Was it the best way to shoot? Obviously not, but at that time it was considered THE WAY to shoot before disappearing from the game completely.

Is It Possible?

So, is it possible that NBA and WNBA players are missing out on a better way to shoot? Or have they found the Holy Grail with Pro Shot?

Think about this for a moment. If an NBA or WNBA player were to learn of a more efficient shooting technique, one that allows for a quicker release and has a better “feel” from start to finish, do you think they’d use it?

Of course!

I believe they would absolutely love everything about One Motion if they had knowledge of it! But the fact remains, I can’t point to a single professional player and say, “He/she uses One Motion”.

Does that mean I have no credibility as a shooting coach? Is One Motion automatically disqualified as a viable technique and deemed unworthy because of that?

Pro Shot would say YES … after all, “Majority” rules!

Stay Tuned

The question remains:  How can One Motion gain credibility and be taken seriously in order to garner a seat at the table with Pro Shot?

Stay tuned for that and more …

PART II:  Agree to Disagree is coming!

With God and a powerful dream, anything is possible!

Stuart Scott is a longtime sports anchor for ESPN.


Seven years now he’s undergone treatment while hosting Sports Center and anchoring the NBA Finals.

At the 2014 ESPYS, Stuart received the Jimmy V Award for his ongoing battle with this insidious disease.

His speech was simply inspiring!




With God and a powerful dream, anything is possible!

James Dee Wilson

My father-in-law, James Dee Wilson, recently passed away at age 88.

Friends called him Dee.

Grand kids called him Dee Dad.

I called him Mr. Wilson and he was an amazing man!

A gentle giant who served the Lord, took care of his family, and made a huge difference in so many lives.

He will be missed!


With God and a powerful dream, anything is possible! 

Jump Shot Man

Way back in the 1940’s, Kenny Sailors developed the first ever Jump Shot.

Now in his 90’s, he’s still going strong!

Click the following link to view a great story regarding basketball, faith, and humility.





With God and a powerful dream, anything is possible!


I recently read an article by Brian McCormick called “Why Everyone Should Shoot Like Steve Nash”.

His website  www.developyourbballiq.com  is dedicated to:  The Science behind Basketball Coaching & Player Development.

Click the link below to read Brian’s article … very informative!



With God and a powerful dream, anything is possible!


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