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A parent, whose daughter is presently learning the One Motion Technique, recently sent me a document titled, THE SHOOTER’S CODE.

His name is Gary Valvo and he’s a Captain flying for Delta Air Lines out of Los Angeles.

I wanted to share this with everyone as it contains some very good thoughts that all shooters should emulate.



  • A Shooter’s Goal –  Achieve and maintain the highest standards of consistent shooting % and free throw % at all times, anywhere, and for all game conditions
  • A Shooter through deliberate practice masters a simple, easy, seamless technique (set-shoot-follow through)
  • A Shooter believes in herself and believes in her shot
  • A Shooter knows the most important shot in basketball is the next one
  • A Shooter never worries or thinks about a previous miss
  • A Shooter wants the pressure shot
  • A Shooter is physically ready
  • A Shooter is mentally ready
  • A Shooter is on her toes and on the move
  • A Shooter is quick but never rushed
  • A Shooter is calm and poised
  • A Shooter shoots with purpose, control, and rhythm
  • A Shooter feels the shot and keeps it repeatedly simple and seamless
  • A Shooter knows her team’s offense
  • A Shooter studies and reads her opponent’s defense
  • A Shooter is always correctly positioned on the court and ready to strike
  • A Shooter finds her openings and scoring opportunities
  • A Shooter scores for her team
  • A Shooter knows when to pass to a teammate for a better shot

Great Shooters Practice…Practice…Practice


With God and a powerful dream, anything is possible!



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